Farm Products

We offer seasonal meats, dairy and eggs from our pasture raised animals. We try to update this list as often as possible but sometimes we are just too busy! If you're interested in any products or have any questions please shoot us an EMAIL!

Pasture Raised Chicken eggs- $8/dozen

Pasture Raised Duck Eggs- $10/dozen (seasonal)

Whole Rabbit- $10/lb

Heritage Pasture Raised Pork-$10/lb

Pasture Raised Lamb (roasts)- $10/lb

Ground Lamb Burgers (1/3 lb each)- $20/4 pack

Lamb Chops- $15/lb (seasonal)

Whole Pasture Raised Chicken- $20/chicken

Whole Pasture Raised Duck- $10/lb

Whole Heritage Turkey- $10/lb (seasonal)

Thermalized Goat's Milk- $15/gal

Thermalized Grass Fed Cow's Milk- $10/gal

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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