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Last Updated: 5/20/21

If you are interested in any of the animals below or have any questions please send us an email at


All of my dairy goats are tested negative for CL, CAE and Johnes. They are up to date on their CDT shots.

I have two adult Oberhasli doe's (2 yr old and a 6 yr old) I am retiring from milking and breeding, they are for sale as pets: $200 each

I also have Oberhasli cross, female babies for sale: $150 each

As well as two Nubian doelings, both can be registered with ADGA 

Doeling #2: $300

Doeling#3: $200


I have two Jersey cows for sale, both have been tested negative for BLV BVD, Q-fever, Johnes and Brucellosis. they are up to date on their 5-way and vibrio vaccines.


 Fawn (with horns is A1/A1) is a 4 yr old with a steered calf at her side. She is very gentle and sweet and is halter and stanchion broke.


Cricket is a 2 yr old, mid sized Jersey (dehorned) and is A2/A2, she is halter broke and stanchion broke but is a little shy.


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