Ranch Share

Our Ranch Share is a subscription service for a monthly box of our pasture raised products. 

Pickup is on the last Saturday of each month at our storefront in Buellton.


We offer 3 different Shares:

  • Chicken Lover's- 2 whole pasture raised chickens plus one dozen eggs

  • Rancher's Choice- a variety of our pasture raised meats plus one dozen eggs

  • Seafood Share- a selection of local whitefish and seasonal salmon, with the option too add on seasonal shellfish at pickup 

And yes, you can sign up for more than one Share!

September's Share Pickup Day will be on Saturday, October 1st, 2022 at our Shop in Buellton. 

(Please note this is on a different schedule than usual!)

If you are unable to make your pickup on this day you will have one week to come by the shop to grab it (by appointment).

Sorry, we do not ship at this time.

**Please sign up by September 23 to pick up your first share on October 1st**

Note: If you prefer a custom share you are welcome to come by the shop and select from our available meat and eggs. Please EMAIL US to arrange an appointment.

Thank you for supporting our small ranch!

Interested in a pork or beef share? Join our waitlist for a quarter, half or full share. Email us for more information!

Please read the Terms and Conditions below before signing up for your Ranch or Seafood Share.

butcher looking at his shop

Rancher's Choice


A hand picked selection of our wide variety of pasture raised meats plus one dozen of our free range eggs

roast chicken.jpg

Chicken Lover's


2 of our pasture raised chickens (approximately 10lbs) plus one dozen of our free range eggs


Seafood Share


A selection of local, seasonal whitefish and salmon, caught by our local fishermen and women. 

You will receive an email upon signup with more details on the information below

Terms and Conditions

  • The Motley Crew Ranch Share is an automatic monthly subscription.

  • There are no substitutions. Our Rancher's Choice and Seafood shares are based on what is available each month. We are a small diversified ranch with an ever changing variety of meats and our seafood is based on what is seasonally and locally available. 

  • Ranch Share pickups are the last Saturday of the month, unless otherwise noted

  • Ranch Shares are picked up at our Shop in Buellton

  • If you miss the Pickup Day, you will have one week to pick up your box at our shop by appointment

  • You will be charged automatically every month on your Payment Date

  • Pauses or Cancellations must be made at least one week before your payment date.

    • To cancel: either email us or follow the link you will receive in your Registration Email

    • To pause: email us directly

  • You may pause up to 2 times a year